Friday, May 09, 2014

Member of the Civil Roster of Mediate BC

I am now a member of the Civil Roster for Mediate BC.

Among other things, Mediate BC maintains a list of civil law mediators who have met specified requirements and standards for education, experience, and good character as mediators.

As a member of the Civil Roster, I may act as the mediator in an ICBC claim.

I am also eligible for appointment as a mediator under any of the several Notice to Mediate Regulations in British Columbia.

The types of cases which I am available to mediate include the following:
  • ICBC claims
  • other personal injury claims, including "slip and falls"/"trip and falls"
  • occupier's liability claims
  • wrongful death claims
  • wills and estates disputes
  • wills variation claims
  • construction disputes
  • employment wrongful dismissal claims
  • shareholders and partners disputes
  • contract disputes

I'm willing to travel anywhere in north-central and northern British Columbia for a mediation, year-round.

I'm also willing to schedule a mediation on very short notice if I'm available.  In my experience, some disputes lend themselves to settlement discussions very early on, before people's positions start to harden or the situation begins to fester and get even worse.

Want more information?  Check out the Mediation page on my web site, or just give me a call (250-564-5544, or toll-free 1-877-964-5544).

Want to know my mediation fee rates?  Just contact me, and I'll send you my current mediation fee schedule.

Want to book a mediation?  Just call my secretary, Stephanie Sorell (250-564-5544, or toll-free 1-877-964-5544), and she'll take it from there.